What happens once my hair sample is posted?

When your hair test has been processed and the results have been analysed a programme will be swiftly put together by a UK and US practitioner. This will take about 2/3 weeks once the sample has been sent to the lab

What will I receive?

  1. your results with a comprehensive summary from the laboratory explaining your results and main areas of interese
  1. a full email report of your results often 30-40 pages long
  1. a full complrehensive supplement program put together by Dr Wilson himself
  1. a nutritional balancing program including the right diet for you based on your results
  1. a 20 minute consultation via phone/skype about the questions that you answered for us and the guidelines we would want you following for a nutritional balancing program
  1. articles written about the trends of your results and also about imbalances and toxicities relating to your results
  1. DIY detox protocol advice and how to get you started
  1. Relaxation, meditation anti stress techniques
  1. 20 mins email support

How will I feel on a nutritional balancing programme?

It is very important to remember that this is a powerful detox programme, where deep healing is likely to occur. For deep healing to take place, you need to expect to change the way you eat, live and open your mind to new proceedures that will help you. If you stay being the same person, in the same routines, then this programme will not work. Expect to feel different as you make changes.

When deep healing begins then healing reactions are likely to occur. These reactions come in the form of almost anything from your past physical or emotional health. Your body essentially needs to retrace past physical and mental conditions for it to move to a higher state of health. Some healing symptoms can last a few hours, to a few weeks, in extreme cases a few months if toxins are emiited or retracing occurs on a large scale. However they are a sign that the programme is working, although they can be difficult to work through sometimes.

One will need a persistent attitude towards the plan and motivation to gain a new higher level of health and immunity. If one is persistent then the rewards can be great. We are here to support you through this journey as your body chemisty changes to a higher function.

Between healing reactions one is likely to feel better and better as time goes on. Your brain and body function will hopefully increase giving you more clarity, energy and possibly a deeper and understanding of yourself and life itself.

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