Dr L Wilson Development programme with hair analysis report

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A full hair mineral analysis graph, report and summary letter, combined with a bespoke supplement plan and development programme put together by NB UK and Dr L Wilson. These programs are designed and priced to offer full initial support and  guidance to explain the plan, results and documents, but thereafter light email support until and peer group support is available until your next hair analysis retest. (every 4/5 months approx)  Once ordered an easy to follow hair test kit will be sent in the post.



You will receive the following:

  • your hair analysis results of 16 minerals and 5 major toxins
  • an extensive report fully explaining your results
  • a bespoke supplement programme
  • a 7 step development interactive document
  • access to support videos
  • practitioner notes document pointing out the main hair analysis result findings, comments about your current diet, lifestyle with areas for improvement and how your symptoms may relate to your results or 1 x 30 minute consultation.
  • 30 minutes email support
  • Access to an ongoing and popular client support group

Once you have ordered then a kit will be sent to you with full clear instructions on how to take the sample and how to send the kit to the lab.

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18 reviews for Dr L Wilson Development programme with hair analysis report

  1. Dan S

    This program has helped me enormously. It takes commitment with diet and other aspects, but it has helped me recover from burnout and depression. Thanks to all involved.

  2. Amanda

    Thanks Will andTeam NB for all your help!! Your program is superb. Dr Wilson deserves a noble peace price!!

  3. Chrisitine

    This program is life changing. The first year can be tricky as the toxins start to flow, but I can honestly say that the combination of protocols changes your body and brain chemistry dramatically for the better

  4. Ruth C

    I was unsure about hair analysis when I first started out – just another test and practitioner that I was throwing money at to try and improve. However, I stuck to it through thick and thin and came out much better in the end. For me the issue was how I felt on the program sometimes – actually worse than before – but this was stuff that I realise had to come out to improve. Warning: Negative motions come to the surface as well as chemicals – but it just shows that this program is very advanced compared to other methods.

  5. Liz t

    This program is amazing – but hard work. I feel like I have shifted physically and emotionally this last year. Belinda and Will are very easy to work with.

  6. Jackie R

    This program is effective and comprehensive. It improved my energy and symptoms greatly after about 1 year – but I did see improvement after a shorter period. You are more than likely to feel worse initially though – it takes commitment as well – dont do it if you are not ready to show a bit of commitment and change bad habits and feel a bit rough for a while!!! No pain no gain 🙂 Jackie

  7. James Russel

    Well documented and lots of information from both the hair test and the practitioner. I still have a way to go but glad I’m on the right path.

  8. Jessica

    Good program but I did find it all a bit overwhelming – the amount of info – good to have someone to talk to as well.

  9. Jamie

    Great support and service. Friendly team and very knowledgeable about the advice.

  10. Dr Ekaterina Solyanko

    After years of being misdiagnosed by conventional doctors my health state deteriorated.
    I had been taking prescribed drugs, experimented with various diets and used a wide range of complimentary therapies. None of this had significant effect and I knew a more individualised approach to my healing was needed. I discovered Nutritional Balancing UK They responded quickly and professionally. I was feeling better daily and with personal support and update by emails my life changed to a new healing state. After nearly 2 years on a nutritional program I’m free from chronic symptoms and prescribed drugs. If you are committed to healing and are disappointed in conventional treatment use this nutritional balancing program. It’s worth it. Invest in your health!

  11. Nikos

    Things are going well. I am getting into program step by step. Will email if I have any questions. I thought the hair test and program are very useful, that’s why I recommended to my wife to do it.

  12. Rhona

    I have noticed a lot of changes. My metabolism has changed and I am a lot warmer, I am sleeping well most nights which is a godsend. Right now, I have a bit more energy again so I feel better. I know I have a log way to go and this is just the beginning but its so good to be able to know what I have to do to improve my health.

  13. Rhona

    I have noticed a lot of changes. My metabolism has changed and I am a lot warmer, I am sleeping well most nights which is a godsend

  14. Graeme

    All information very informative and makes a lot of sense in how I am feeling. The documents did have a few spelling mistakes – which irritated me – but on the whole the hair analysis and suggestions are spot on. I am looking forward to going on and forward.

  15. Alistair O

    Great program, delivers on what they promise, feel a 100x better so far, but this does take quite a bit of time out of your day, so you have to be motivated and willing to change your lifestyle.

  16. Annousa

    The program is not bog standard nutritional therapy – it is way more advanced. One of the consultants told me that it was 50 yrs ahead of itself, which I can believe now. The only issue I has was with no receiving a paper report for the hair analysis – all of the info is over email which for methat was not ideal. However, Belinda (Will’s p.a) ordered a paper report for my next test which was really useful and much better for me. All in all – very glad I have found the advice.

  17. Pieter Bekkers (verified owner)

    I’m on the program for almost five months now and I feel great. I’ve noticed a lot of subtle changes and some bigger ones. Most impressive up until now is the change in digestion. I’ve been fixing a slightly kyphotic ‘computer desk type’ posture with specific training and stretching for some years now, but the final changes took place on this program. I guess the supplements and nutrition have decreased the inflammation in and around my gut which undoes the weakening of the abdominal muscles and thereby restores the body’s ability to maintain good posture. I’m more upright than ever 🙂 Also thanks to Will and Belinda for their excellent service and support!

  18. Tayo (verified owner)

    I had tried almost everything that usually ended up as “2 steps forward, 5 backwards”. This programme delivered results within 1-2 weeks of starting e.g whilst I am still not super energetic, I noticed relief from severe fatigue within about a week of starting. The beauty for me is the unbelievable simplicity, plus the efficacy! Food, water and a handful of supplements plus some optional accelerators. Moreso, I did not expect much from a hair mineral test, after reading a lot of online articles about its inaccuracies. I am definitely a witness that this works, hair mineral test and all.

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