Bio resonance scan and bio energy healing with consultation (face to face or remote)


Bio-resonance scanning of up to 1000 areas of the body to include all major organs and systems. The scan will prioritise what areas of the body need most attention and then the practitioner manually sends, via quantum technology, the correct frequencies back to that area of the body for healing. The scan and treatment takes around 3 hours – but the client does not need to be present. If the client would like to join the scan we can meet for 1 hour duing the session via Zoom. The client is also sent ‘top’ up frequencies through the post in the form of a digital homeopathic remedy, which usually lasts around 4/5 weeks.



Bio-resonance with the Hunter Metatron, works remotely using your DNA.  It analyses the energy in your body with great detail and precision.  A gentle, restorative energy is then applied, working with your body to improve health in those specific areas.  It is non-invasive and completely pain free. However, sensitive individuals may experience tingling in the area of the body being scanned.

It also recognises and helps combat bacterial, viral, parasitical and fungal infections, many of which go undetected in our lives but can significantly impact health.  For an holistic therapist, this is extremely useful in understanding what is going on inside the body as a whole and how different systems are affecting each other.

Each element our body has an energy field with a distinct natural frequency pattern.  When there is dis-ease or stress, the pattern de-stabilises and the Hunter Pro can detect it using Magnetic Vector Potential.

​Using DNA, the device sends a signal to the body using the specific frequency pattern from it’s database relevant to that organ or part of the body. The pattern is then reflected back, and any distortion indicates dis-ease, infection, inflammation or stress.  The more stable the frequency pattern, the more energetically balanced that element of the body.

​The software displays the results on a detailed diagram of the body and gives the option to analyse with greater detail.  At this point any bacteria, fungi, viruses or parasites will be indicated for further investigation.​

The program also analyses a selection of the most appropriate frequency patterns to restore health. Using all of the information provided, the practitioner makes a decision and usually sends multiple signals back to stimulate the healing process. Additionally, an energy is usually applied to de-stabilise the energy of bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.

Remote healing sessions

Before our first consultation you will need to send me a sample of DNA (usually nails, but can be saliva using cotton buds or hair if nails are particularly difficult to cut).  The sample must be put into a small, clean plastic bag.

The full scan will be run 1 hour prior to our session phone call. If you decide to opt for frequency healing after the scan, this usually takes around 2 hours. During our two hours I will look more deeply into the scan and investigate further and concentrate on the prioirity areas.  Energy will be applied to back to you (via your DNA) to combat any significant viral, bacterial, parasite, energy patterns or fungal infections and a restorative energy to boost and promote healing.

Prior to a scan

  • Make sure you are well hydrated

  • Don’t drink tea or coffee

  • Don’t do any strenuous exercise

  • Don’t eat a large meal

Energy Drops

The healing energy applied during the session can also be applied to a small vial of alcohol or water at the same time.  You can then add a couple of drops of the liquid to a glass of water twice a day for a week to boost the affects of the therapy. This can be chosen as an exta for the options when buying the service.