Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will a programme work?2020-07-06T15:56:24+01:00

Everybody is different. This plan works  easily for some but for others it does take longer. Children tend to heal quicker and older you are unfortunately the more toxic you tend to be so it does take longer. If you think about the time it took you to get unwell, then you really have to be patient with your body and give it time to heal. You are developing your body, mind and soul and this does not happen overnight!! However, the jouney can also be rewarding and you will gain great knowledge and understanding of you body and mind

How much will it cost ongoing?2020-07-06T15:59:10+01:00

The initial cost of the advice, and hair analysis report and summary and supplement program is £249. There after supplement costs vary depending how my much you follow the recommendations. However, our advice is not just based around supplements, their are many other cost effective protocols that we suggest to improve you health.

Is the plan safe?2019-03-16T12:19:08+00:00

We have been practising these plans since 2009, have dealt with 100’s of clients and have never experienced any issues with any clients. The only issue you may experience is a healing crisis which is toxicity being released into the blood-which is deemed as a positive – these tend pass in time.

What should I expect after I order a test kit or programme?2020-07-07T09:41:23+01:00

Once you have ordered you will receive a email confirmation. This is then followed by,  an easy to follow, DIY hair, mineral analysis kit sent you in the post. You then take a hair sample (which is really easy – watch our video!) and send this off to our headquarters. The hair analysis results should be with us within aprrox two weeks. We will then contact you and send you documents and information about your results via email. Mainly you will be directed to videos about protocols and anything else we deem appropriate for you to better understand what you need to do in our opinion.

Will I receive support?2020-07-07T09:45:56+01:00

Hair Analaysis Tests

The hair mineral analysis results alone are incredibly informatative. A practitioner will give you their brief summary also. You can get extra support by buying a Skype session for £35 for 30 minutes.

7 Step optimisation programmes

Along with your HTMA test you will recieve a practitiner summary of the test but also a bespoke document talking about your current diet, bespoke supplements, lifestyle and any other changes we deem necassary for you to improve. We also offer support via phone and email initially for 30 – 60 mins. If you take to to the programme well, you may be added to a suitable WhatsApp support group whihc includes like minded clients, but this is always your choice.