All our hair mineral analysis is carried out by Analytical Research Laboratories - the pioneers of hair mineral analysis. Their testing and research in their field, in our opinion, is the best available on the market today.

Option 1

A hair mineral analysis graph, with automated interpretation from the lab. The interpretation includes automated results and reporting linked to your mineral and toxin levels and ratios

We also include a practitioner summary of your results.

The cost of OPTION 1 is £129.00 - please CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Option 2

A full nutritional balancing programme put together by Dr Wilson and his colleagues. The big difference here is human intervention. We can look at your symptoms and the information that you give us about your lifestyle , diet and general health and modify the program so it bespoke and unique to your needs.

What you will receive:

  • A hair mineral analysis graph and report with analysis as in option 1

  • An analysis letter talking about your main mineral imbalances and related symptoms

  • A comprehensive, binded hard copy report of your results

  • A bespoke response to all of your personal information regarding your current situation, with advice for every aspect of your current regime, with conclusion of what you need to do to progress

  • A bespoke supplement programme put together by Dr Wilson

  • Research articles sent via PDF about your current state of health

  • The correct diet for your oxidation type

  • A full programme document

  • 30 mins phone support

  • No import duty on all supplements from Endomet labs

The cost of OPTION 2 is £269 - please CLICK HERE TO ORDER

If you decide to start a nutritional balancing programme then the cost of monthly recommended supplements would vary from £60 - £120 per month, if recommendations are followed.

If you are based overseas, then we will have to charge roughly £30 extra in postal charges, to get the kit and report delivered. However, if preferred, we can just send the report and consultation in an email format.

We do offer concessions for the unemployed or house bound, so please do let us know your situation as we want to help you as much as possible.

We need to charge full prices to those who are able to pay, as for this service to run efficiently and well, it takes time and effort.

If you wish to order a test kit then please contact us or visit the shop to order a hair analysis or nutritional balancing program.