Cauliflower comes in white (most well known) but it also has varieties of orange, green and purple.

Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable and grows to be white (most well known) but it also has varieties of orange, green and purple. It is an amazing vegetables which is highly underrated as it provides antioxidants, carotenoids, glycosylates and phytonutrients that can all protect against cancer, as well as beng a good source of b and c vitamins It also contains high amount of fiber to enhance weight loss and digestion, and also choline that is essential for learning and memory.

You may not think of a white-coloured vegetable as that nutritional, but it contains compounds that inhibit cancer growth and promote the death of cancer cells, while sparing healthy cells. Given the rise of cancer we should all be looking at eat foods that contain these properties multiple times a day. Its no suprise then that research shows that people who consume cauliflower and other cruciferous veggies have a much lower risk of developing cancer!!

How to prepare and eat:

Cauliflower is a vegetable that can be cooked and served into a few of ways, including:

  • Steamed or lightly boiled
  • Mashed and used as a potato substitute
  • Used as a pizza base (need to add a few other binders for this)
  • Roasted in the oven
  • Pickled
  • Also, don’t forget the stem and leaves. These are also nutritious- just remember to cut them into small pieces so they cook well.

Cauliflower is generally very tasty when simply lightly steamed or boiled. Just remember to add a little salt and pepper, cold pressed olive oil or Parmesan to make super tasty snack or side to a meal!

cauliflower superfood