Will Houghton (Phineas) has been a hair mineral analysis consultant and development coach since 2010. He is currently the most experienced and longest serving consultant in the UK and Europe and has dealt with clients from all backgrounds and nationalities.

Will deals with clients throughout Europe but also assists other nutritionists, including Harley Street consultants, with their clients and helping them understand their clients hair analysis results better.

His other training includes a 12 month intensive diploma with the Natural Healthcare College, to become a naturopathic nutritional advisor. He also holds a Smart Relaxation and Mindfulness diploma, as well as being certified in Qi Gong movement.

Will lives near London, UK (Redhill, Surrey) but is happy to work with clients locally in his garden office, via email, skype or over the phone.

Most importantly, Will has seen significant spiritual and physical changes in recent years, so becoming more intuitive and about each clients needs, which has improved his ability to help people with how to go forward.

He runs a You Tube Channel called NEW ENERGY 21 - which he loves doing!!