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What is Nutritional Balancing?

We here at Nutritional Balancing UK provide holistic healing programs based on the results of hair mineral analysis tests (from the most accredited lab in the world). From the results we can access your body chemistry and then we put together a programme for you to follow. This will be aimed at giving personalised advice in the following areas:

  • a supplement program designed for your body chemistry and needs
  • the correct diet for your body chemistry to enhance healing
  • guided detoxification protocols to help you rid the body of toxins and chemical to enhance healing, which in turn should increase health, vitality and energy
  • meditation protocols to help you relax but to also try to lower fear and anxiety
  • general tips on how to lead a healthier and happier life

What will a hair mineral analysis tell me about myself?

A single hair test could show you your stress levels, your stress tolerance, your energy production and your vitality; how well your immune system and digestion are working, your adrenal and thyroid activity, your metabolic rate and where you have mineral deficiencies and metal toxicity - all over a three-month period. Not bad for one test (which realy isn't that expensive) This screening test can also be used to reduce the guesswork involved when recommending nutritional supplements and dietary modifications.

Is the hair mineral analysis test scientific?

Absolutely! The type of hair testing that we use is based on actually measuring key minerals and toxins through scientific testing in a laboratory. Other hair analysis companies employ methods which measure the hairs reaction to foods through bio energy testing. This type of testing is very broad and can often not provide you with accurate results like a scientific based test can.

Do you offer qualified advice?

There are many companies offering hair analysis but few practitioners have the skills, knowledge or experience to interpret the results correctly. Will Houghton (founder of NB UK) is the longest serving Nutritional Balancing and hair mineral analysis practitioner in the UK and is backed up by consultants in the U.S who are trained medical doctors, as well as nutritionists. The hair mineral analysis laboratory that we also has met and exceeded the requirements of an inspection conducted by the Department of Health & Human Services. These inspections are conducted every two year in the US.

 Do I really need to be doing a detoxification program like this?

The human body in our modern day and age is under attack from many stresses. They come in the form of pollution, poor diet, excessive stress, bad lifestyle choices and toxins. Over time these stresses take their toll and the body cannot keep up with eliminating such an overload of contamination. These stress factors create toxicity of heavy metals and an imbalance in mineral ratios, causing both deficiency and toxicity in the body. This can have a very real impact on how you feel, producing both mental and physical symptoms. These symptoms usually bother people enough to turn to conventional medicine for relief, but this, more often than not, will only treat the symptom not the underlying cause, which is seldom helped by pharmaceutical drugs. Sadly, these drugs will also often add to the toxic burden and create symptoms of their own.

How will the programme make me feel?

The aim of this science is to naturally re-balance your body chemistry by re-balancing your mineral ratios. At times the body is likely to start releasing toxins or stored chemicals, which can cause healing reactions, so you may feel temporarily worse. Most people do notice a benefit quite quickly though - two steps forward, one step back seems to be the pattern. The body should become stronger over time and starts to slowly emit toxins. In turn, your physical and mental health should dramatically improve. This is not, however, a quick fix and does take time. We believe, however, that allowing your body the time to truly repair is essential in providing effective and long-lasting healing. Immediate intervention with conventional drugs - while it is occasionally needed - should not be the first, or only, port of call.

While Nutritional Balancing may provide healing at the deepest and most chronic level, it also offers an holistic approach to diet, lifestyle, detox and relaxation that all could benefit from - helping you get healthy from within and stay that way.

Is this programme for me?

This type of detox programme takes determination, persistence and the will to carry on, even when things get difficult. If the body starts to self clean on the program then toxins are likely to be released - which is a welcome sign of healing - but can be uncomfortable. Depending on your age and life situation you may choose to follow 50% of the program - which is fine and always your choice and you should still expect results In our experience nearly everyone I have worked with has benefited from following our advice, it just depends how quickly you want to go with it. Ultimately, if you are determined to get better - and willing to change -  then this programme is for you.

How do I order?

To order click on the link below. Once we have received your order we will send you a kit in the post that day. You will take the hair sample from home (it's easy and comes with instructions) and send it back to us - we should then receive your results within 2 weeks. We can then start educating you on how to improve your health!

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It is our aim to offer you a healing process that provides:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • A non-invasive and simple test to assess your initial health
  • A combination of healing therapies
  • Information that is easy to follow and understand
  • Support from a consultant
  • The ability to retest and monitor progress

 Are you suffering symptoms of metal toxicity or mineral deficiency?

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Founder of Nutritional Balancing UK. He trained with Dr Lawrence Wilson in 2010 after spending 3 years on a nutritional balancing program himself. Will is currently the longest serving nutritional balancing and hair analysis practitioner in the UK.

Will Houghton

Senior UK practitioner