What do we do?

We here at Nutritional Balancing UK provide hair mineral analysis reports from the worlds leading and most accredited laboratory, ARL. We also work with Dr L Wilson to offer holistic healing development programs based on the results of hair mineral analysis tests.

What will a hair mineral analysis tell me about myself?

An ARL hair mineral analysis measures 16 minerals and 5 major toxins and consists of a graph with 30 an extensive report that indicates your:

  • mineral deficiencies
  • metal toxicity
  • vitality 
  • immune system
  • digestion
  • adrenal and thyroid activity 
  • stress levels
  • stress tolerance
  • energy production
  • metabolic rate

What is development science?

Development science would be a step further. From the results of a hair mineral analysis, New Energy 21 consultants and Dr L Wilson, can access your body chemistry and then put together a bespoke supplement programme, along with other advice, for you to follow based on your initial results. ASs well as your hair analysisi results you would receive the following:

  • your bespoke supplement plan
  • your hair analysis report simplified and explained
  • personalised diet and lifestyle advice
  • simple detoxification protocols
  • meditation and grounding exercises
  • mind re-framing techniques
  • practitioner and peer support

Do you offer qualified advice?

There are many companies offering hair analysis, some with better quality than others, but few practitioners have the skills, knowledge or experience to interpret the results correctly. Will Houghton (founder of New Energy 21) is the longest serving development science and hair mineral analysis practitioner in Europe and is backed up by consultants in the U.S who are trained medical doctors, as well as nutritionists. The hair mineral analysis laboratory that we also has met and exceeded the requirements of an inspection conducted by the Department of Health & Human Services. These inspections are conducted every two year in the US.

Is this programme for me?

This type of detox programme takes determination, persistence and the will to carry on, even when things get difficult. If the body starts to self clean on the program then toxins are likely to be released - which is a welcome sign of healing - but can be uncomfortable. Depending on your age and life situation you may choose to follow 50% of the program - which is fine and always your choice and you should still expect results In our experience nearly everyone I have worked with has benefited from following our advice, it just depends how quickly you want to go with it. Ultimately, if you are determined to get better - and willing to change -  then this programme is for you.

It is our aim to offer you a healing process that provides:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • A non-invasive and simple test to assess your initial health
  • A combination of healing therapies
  • Information that is easy to follow and understand
  • Support from a consultant
  • The ability to retest and monitor progress