What will a hair mineral analysis tell me about my body and myself?

  • mineral levels
  • heavy metal levels/toxicity
  • energy system
  • personality pattern
  • digestion levels
  • immunity functioning
  • endocrine fucntion
  • stress levels
  • hormonal function
  • supplement recommnedations
  • All computer generated by worlds leading lab

What is included in the Nutritional Balancing Development programme?

  • a hair analysis graph, report and summary
  • bespoke supplement plan from HTMA experts
  • specific diet and lifestyle advice
  • simple DIY detoxification protocol advice
  • meditation and relxation technique advice
  • lifestyle advice
  • practitioner support
  • peer support
  • all put together by top consultant

Who are we and what do we do?

We here at Nutritional Balancing UK provide hair mineral analysis reports from the worlds leading and most accredited laboratory, ARL. We also work with U.S hair analysis expert consultants to offer holistic healing Nutritional Balancing Development programmes based on the results of hair mineral analysis tests.

There are many companies offering hair analysis, some with better quality than others, but few practitioners have the skills, knowledge or experience to interpret the results correctly, and the quality of the hair mineral analysis varies. We provide the best and most accurate hair mineral analysis reporting, from the worlds leading lab, and our consultants from  the UK and US, are hair analysis experts who are the most qualified in the world.

How does it work?

Its easy. Order today and we send you a simple DIY test kit in the post. You then send the kit back to us and the results will be with you the results with approx 2 weeks, delivered to your email inbox.

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Reducing autism

I am so happy about the huge amount of toxins that Max's body is eliminating, It is so so obvious to me that your advice is having an impact on his symptoms of autism, and has done for years - he is getting better every day.....and maintaining it too. Icant thank you enough.
Julie Cleveland, Brighton

An incredible experience

I have known Will and Belinda since 2013 when I began my journey with the programme It works on every level of our being, bringing 'healing' to our physical, mental and spiritual. It has been an eamazing experience, with an incredible practitioner, who I am lucky to call my friend
Inga Lamb, Bruton, UK
Inga Lamb, Bruton, UK

Recovered from fatigue and depression

This program has helped me more than I can say - more than any othr protocol. It takes dedication with diet and other changes, but it has helped me recover from a desperate place. A million 'thank yous' for the personal service, great reporting and support.
Dan Steely - London

Level of information was immense

Well.......if someone told me I'd get better doing those things I never would have believed you. This programme is immense in the information it provides you about yourself and the level of knowledge the practitioners have to offer.
Ben Whiitey - Bristol

Test was easy, information and progress unbelievable

This advice provided results within 2-3 weeks of starting. Whilst I am still not super energetic, I noticed regression from severe fatigue within about a 3 weeks of beginning. The beauty for me is the incredible simplicity. I did not expect much from a hair mineral anaylsis test!
Tayod - Ascot

Amazing test for understanding and improving ones health

All the procedures are powerful at gaining understanding about yourself and you health. The diet for your oxidation, Hair Mineral Analysis test, supplement programme, lifestlye recoomednations along with detox protocols are all invaluable. Put them together and you gain powerful healing.
Clemens, 32, Hamburg
Clemens, 32, Hamburg

Loads more energy and better mental health

I have been doing the programme for 3 years,. Before I had mental health issues, low energy, yeast issues and digestive problems. The plan has been a challenge at times especially at the start with healing reactions, but no I have loads more energy!
Gavin, 39, Liverpool, UK
Gavin, 39, Liverpool, UK

After 6 years on a programme, I would highly recommend it

After 6 years on a programme, I will recommend it to anybody. It cleared superficial problems for me, so I have improved skin, pain-free periods and much improved immunity. Healing crisis periods on the plan were tough, but worth sticking out as now I feel so so so much better!
Mirjam, Holland

This programme is incredible, as are the people

After 1.5 years of following the plan I feel supercharged.. The team who run it are also the nicest people, but also you get to meet some very cool individuals who are on the same journey in Whats App support groups. Now some of the NB crew are my good friends. Phin is awesome., love his You Tubing
Pieter Beckers, Holland
Pieter Beckers, Holland

Mood transformed!

I started Nutritional Balancing in 2016. Before the program, my mind was racing, had constant anxiety, depression, low blood sugar and more. Now I have loads more energy, my mood is transformed and I can handle stress. It can be a tough healing healing crisis but so worth it!!!
Taner Atkaban, 39,  Holland
Taner Atkaban, 39, Holland