2. Nutritional balancing hair re-test with supplement programme




With nutritional balancing it is very important that you retest your hair with every 4/5 months.

What you will receive:

  • 1 Hair mineral test – This will be carried out by Analytical Research Labs in Phoenix, Arizona – which is regarded as the pioneering lab of hair mineral analysis.  It is one of the only labs that we know of in the world that processes the hair sample, without washing it, so that results are accurate.
  • 1 Lab report – You will receive 1 lab report based on your hair mineral analysis results from Analytical Research Labs.  Areas of health that will be commented on in the report include carbohydrate tolerance, energy production, adrenal and thyroid activity, vitality levels, digestive abilities and toxic metal elimination and toxicity
  • 1 Email analysis report – This will be an overview from myself about the changes that have been made to your body chemistry in that period that your hair has grown.
  • A new supplement program – this comers straight from Dr Wilson and is in line with the condition of your new body chemistry
  • 25 mins consultation –  This will be a run through of your results and the changes that have occurred. I try to keep thing as straight forward and easy to understand as possible.
  • 15 mins follow up –  Tis can be used in email form for any questions you have going forward.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg


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