1. Nutritional balancing programme with ARL hair test graph and report
1. Nutritional balancing programme with ARL hair test graph and report
A full hair mineral analysis graph, report and summary letter, combined with a bespoke nutritional balancing programme put together by Whole Balance (longest serving European NB practitioner), Dr Wilson and colleagues. These programs are designed and priced to offer full initial guidance to explain the program, results and documents, but thereafter email support until your next hair analysis retest. (every 4 months to monitor progress).
You will receive the following:
  • your hair analysis results with a summary from the laboratory explaining your results, its key findings and areas of interest
  • an email report fully explaining your results - often 30-40 pages long
  • a comprehensive supplement program and health regime put together by Dr Wilson himself
  • a nutritional balancing program including the right diet for you based on your results
  • practitioner notes document pointing out the main hair analysis¬†result findings, comments about your current diet, lifestyle with areas for improvement and how your symptoms may relate to your results or 30 minute consultation about your current situation
  • articles written about the trends, imbalances, deficiencies and toxicities relating to your results
  • detoxification guidance on suggested protocols
  • 30 minutes targeted support time via phone Skype¬†or e-mail
Once you have ordered then a kit will be sent to you with full clear instructions on how to take the sample and how to send the kit to the lab.
Please note that this program through Nutritional Balancing UK is not suitable for the seriously ill or mentally unstable.
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3. Hair mineral analysis report with practitioner summary
3. Hair mineral analysis report with practitioner summary

This hair mineral analysis report is currently the most accurate and gives a comprehensive analysis on the market today. The report will indicate mineral deficiencies and metal toxicity and possibly reasons for symptoms. Dietary suggestions are also made in line … Continued

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Kelp – 180 capsules
Kelp – 180 capsules

500mg of the finest sea kelp

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